Thermal imaging scope SA series

Thermal imaging scope SA series

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This device is a compact and portable multinational thermal imaging that may apply to Wild observation, Wild hunting, Outdoor exploration, Anti-theft, Night patrol and Operation on the sea. Adoption advanced NST technology and incorporated with French detector, it also features High sensitivity, High refresh rate, and High availability.


Part No. SA 19/19LRF SA 25/25LRF SA 35/35LRF           
Sensor  384×288, 17μm, 50Hz
Magnification 1.5x - 6 x 2.5x – 10× 3.2-12.8x
The angle of view(HxV) 19.5*14.7 14.9*11.2 10.7*8.0
Objective lens 19mm/f1.0 25mm/f1.0 35mm/f1.0
Quick-release Display 5’ LCD  Display 800x600
Eyepiece Resolution  1024x768
Exit pupil 8mm
Eye relief 35mm
Dioptre adjustment ± 5
Focusing Method Manual
Focusing Range 1 m to Infinity 3 m to Infinity 5 m to Infinity
Reticle Type 9-Pattern optional, or “NO reticle”
Image Palettes White Hot / Black Hot/ red hot / Iron red / Sky
Human Detection Range 750 m 960 m 1500 m
Vehicle Detection Range 1200 m 1500 m 3000 m
Rangefinder Distance 800 800 800
Rangefinder Accuracy ± 0.5m
Video Output Composite Video Output
Defective Pixel Repair Yes
E-compass Yes
3D Gyroscope Yes
Startup Time Less than 2 seconds
Power Source Li-ion 18650 3.7V Rechargeable Battery replaceable
Housing Materials 7075 Aluminum Alloy
Housing Finish Matte finish black
Body Size (mm) S 147*51*65.5 155*51*65.5 162*51*65.5
R 147*74.6*65.5 155*74.6*65.5 162*74.6*65.5
Weight (NO battery) 330/350g 340/360g


Shutterless Technology :

The Shutterless technology used in SA thermal imaging scope, modern drive signal,anti-interference, quick transmission, the system stability is improved, no picture freeze, avoid blindsight, bring a new opportunity to thermal technology.

Multiple color mode:

Selectable Display format: White Hot / Black Hot/ red hot / Iron red / Sky. The users can choose the most suitable mode according to the environment and observation conditions

Variable magnification:

There are 4 specifications of the objective lens for SA: 19mm, 25mm, 35mm, 45mm. And the digital zoom is 3X, high definition picture, accurate magnification, no distortion. It can provide users with full-view HD quality pictures, all details of observation showed, such as bush, woods, animal shapes, etc., is extremely clear under the background of the observation

High-strength earthquake resistance:

SA series thermal imaging scope with high strength earthquake resistance 6000 joules, each product has been strictly seismic testing before it leaves the factory.

17μm sensor: 

SA series thermal imaging scope uses a 17μm polysilicon sensor to achieve higher magnification and observation distance and show a high detail image effect to users.

E-compass : 

Built-in E-compass, the direction of compass changes in real-time, can be used to identify the direction of objects, play the role as a compass and other functions when getting lost.


Built-in 9 styles of the reticle with 4 colors, the users can select the style and color according to personal preference、environment and observation mode to improve the comfort of observation.

Laser range finder (option):

SA-LRF version has a built-in rangefinder, the distance between the users and the observed target can be estimated by the known height.

One shooting zeroing:

SA series thermal imaging scope adopts a cross-calibration method, adjusting the position of the crosshair to the first point of impact, then the purpose of zeroing can be achieved.



The housing of 6061 Aerospace Aluminum Alloy with Ultra-light body design, can effectively endure impact, moisture and dust, can be used in extreme weather conditions. The weight is about 435 grams,the weight of the body is less than general rangefinders, but the performance is far more than others.


the protection performance of SA thermal imaging scope is super, can work steadily in different situations, such as heavy rain, snowing, billow, etc., each product has been strictly waterproof testing before it leaves the factory, the level of waterproof is IPX7.


Using 18650 lithium battery, can be replaced easily, the stability performance is excellent at work, can be charged externally via USB for fast and convenient charging.

Additional screen:

The external display screen can be connected to SA, real-time display, taking advantage of searching and aiming to achieve multipurpose uses.

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